All courses are now open to receive applications for September 2024

Welcome to Aloe Counselling Training Centre


We are so proud to say that all of our September 2023-Level 2 cohort have successfully passed their external assessments.  Well done to all of you for your hard work and dedication to the course and each other. (please see the level 2 page for student testomony for this year group).

At the Aloe Centre for Counselling Training it is our aim to offer ethical, professional student-centred training. We welcome all students who are wanting to make a change to their careers , improve their current knowledge base, or are looking to improve their listening skills.  

We believe putting our students first is key to providing a safe and comfortable training experience. We are a private learning provider located in St Neots, Cambridgeshire.  As a first-class training provider we offer a pathway to becoming a qualified counsellor or to help you enhance and develop your skills to elevate your existing career.

Courses are designed to fit around a busy life-style and are run part time either in the class room or Online.  Please see the relvant course pages for more information.

At the centre we run CPCAB qualifications that allow you to become a qualified counsellor.  CPCAB qualifications are regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulations (Ofqual).  The Aloe Counselling Training centre we offer the following courses:  All courses are now currently open to take applications.

Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills, Starting in September 2024- Application process now open. Spaces still available for both the online and classroom based course.

Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Studies, Starting in September 2024-TWe still have spaces for our Thursday evening course.  Application process now open.

Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling.  Starting in September 2024- Application process now open.   (This is a two year course and runs over the 2024 and 2025 academic years.  Please see the cource page for further information).

 At the centre we also offer CPD’s (continuous professional development) including Relationship Counselling Therapy.  How to work with Relationships, Emotional Focused Therapy with Couples. 

Please keep a look out on our website to see when these courses will be introduced.

 Why chose us :

All our tutors and supervisors are dedicated counselling professionals who take the responsiblity of offering all of our students a robust ehtical training course that will not only focus on the theory of the counselling studies but also the practical elements of becoming a counsellor.  Our tutors come from varied backgrounds and their knowledge and expertise offer a variety of different areas of learning including areas of working with individual client's, relationship counselling, bereavment counselling, private practice. We believe this practical industry based experience coupled with their educational qualidications , provied an exte,mely beneficial learning experience for our students.

We offer supervision and personal therapy to trainees on Level 4 placements from different centres.  Please see our "about us" page for more information on supervision and personal therapy offered.  Student rates are offered.

Placement Opportunities:  We at Aloe Counselling have been hard at work at creating a training centre that gives back to the local community.  We are passionate about providing ethical, responsible and professional counselling students in placements.  All our students are offered robust support as they undertake their counselling placements.

We are delighted to be able to work in partnership with two wonderful Agencies:

Property Angels Foundation a domestic abuse charity based in St Neots and throughout Huntingdonshire. 

Peterborough Counselling Centre. Peterborough Counselling Centre is a wonderful organisation that provided support to the local community. The Centre has been supporting level 4 students in undertaking their placements for a number of years and we are please to be able to offer this as possible placement to our level 4 students. 

We are able to offer some of our students placement opportunities to work with both these organisations.  All our counsellors are Level 4 trainees and are thoroughly supported, supervised and abide by all the same rules, regulations and confidentiality as qualified counsellors. Our student counsellors hold personal liability insurance and belong to a professional membership.

Please click on the links below for further information about these organisations or see our About Us Page for more information.  (we are adding to this list so please keep a lookout for other centres we are building relationships with)  Students that are at this centre will be offered these opportunities.

We wish you a warm welcome to our centre.

 Students Testimonies

What an amazing experience! Studying counselling can be overwhelming but Aloe Counselling Centre offers such a great support that all my doubts disappeared after first session. The tutor is knowledgeable and professional, training is very robust and well-constructed. Communication is straightforward, feedback is given each week and learning criteria can be claimed in many ways. Learning is interactive and there is a great balance between delivering the curriculum and motivating students to find their own ways of working.  AM


The course is well paced, very interesting, provides insights into different modalities, is CPCAB accredited and offers opportunities to develop skills that not only will be needed in the future career, but will enhance personal growth and self-awareness. I am confident I chose the right course, I have already received guidance, support, and I am gaining confidence in own skills each week. I feel challenged and I am really enjoying the learning. Thank you. AM


What a great place to study.  Not only did I learn about myself and the skills I need to become a qualified counsellor I have met some wonderful people along the way.  Being with like minded people who share the same goal is very rewarding.  I would recommend Aloe Counselling toanyone wanting to undertake their counselling journey.   JM